FaucetHub Addet!

Published on 2017-09-10

From Today FaucetHub is added!
Minimum withdraw is lowered to 500 satoshi's.
Have fun.

10,000 Satoshi's for First Proof of Payment

Published on 2017-09-01

Hello, we are starting an event from today 01/09/2017.
How to earn 10,000 Extra Satoshi's ?
The first person who reach the minimal 10,000 satoshi and withdraw his funds have to publish his payment proof
in our forum section ,,Payments Proof".

- Good luck and have fun.

GossipOne - 2 Months Online + New Faucet

Published on 2017-08-31

Hello to everyone in our new Faucet!
We have been giving you free BTC for a 2 months now and we decited to make an update on our Faucet Script!
This website have allot more feautures then the last one and it will protect us better then BOTS draining our faucet.
We have new feautures for you in the website like - Satoshi Snake, Grid Game and e.t.c.
You can now contact us easily true the Chat or our Contact system, also you can create topic in the forum and you will be answered!
In this website tho... you need registration so you can claim satoshi! Also you have to reach 10,000 Satoshi's untill you can request withdraw!
In one week we will have FaucetHub and Faucetsystem instant Withdraw.
Stay tooned!