Author Topic: Welcome to our New Faucet


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on 2017-08-31 16:59:08 by r3sp3c7

Hello guy's, so this is our new faucet script !

To use it you need to create your own account's tho... otherwise you can't claim your rewards!
This is duo to too many bot's using the website and draining our faucet's and do not bring us any AD Revnue! And you know... Higher AD Revnue = Higher prizes for you !

So... at this point and this prize on the BitCoin currently the prize per claim is 50 satoshi's

New Feautures!
- Satoshi Snake you can win up to 1,000 satoshi for one day in it!
- Coin flip - you can double your earings or either loose it, its all about luck!
- Contact system: You can directly send us E-mail true the Contact web page in the website.
- Forums: Place where you can make topics, ask questions, make suggestions and e.t.c.
- News system: Every time there's news about our Faucet or Bitcoins will be posted there.
- Soon excpect to put on Grid game and Guess the number as well!